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Television Appearances


Sam appeared on the BBC’s National Lottery television show as a numbers expert, offering his analysis of past draws and previewing upcoming ones. Alongside presenters Anthea Turner and Gordon Kennedy, Sam expanded on the strategies he wrote about in his columns for top newspapers and presented tutorials on how to use different lottery systems. You can see some of Sam’s TV appearances below.

Many Lottery Winners

Sam appears on location alongside presenter Gordon Kennedy to offer his expert analysis on the recent National Lottery draw, as well as tips for picking numbers for the next one.

Your Name as Lottery Numbers

Presenter Anthea Turner runs through Sam's hot numbers for the next draw and Sam explains the popular method of translating words and phrases into lottery numbers.

Sam Weren on Numerology

Here Sam explains some of the concepts behind numerology and describes how numbers that have meaning to you or which stick out to you in everyday life can be used to play the lottery.

Lottery Wheeling Systems Explained Part 1

Wheeling is a popular method for picking lottery numbers but can seem complex to the uninitiated. This is the first of Sam’s two-part tutorial for BBC viewers on how to use wheeling in the lottery.

Lottery Wheeling Systems Explained Part 2

Sam picks up where he left off and provides a great example of how lucrative lottery wheeling can be when done right. He goes on to explain to viewers how easy it is to apply the same method to their own tickets.

Dreaming Lottery Numbers

There are many stories of lottery winners claiming to have dreamt the winning numbers and in this video Sam explains how the numbers in your dreams can have significance when playing the lottery.

Hot Numbers

In this video Sam, an early proponent of using hot numbers, explains what they are and how National Lottery players may be able to use them to their advantage.